Posted by Troy
Thursday, October 2, 2014

High School Rankings

TVA is proud to announce a brand new ranking system specifically designed for High School Volleyball in the State of TN.  This system will provide your parents, coaches and fans an easy way to view times/locations of upcoming matches, keep up with the results within your district (or teams clear across the State) and to see a list of future matches in your area.  Unlike other ranking systems, it is capable of ranking teams across multiple divisions and class sizes who may never compete during the regular season.  There is also an easy-to-use mobile version of the site that will fit perfectly on your smartphone.



Now that Middle/High School seasons are about over, make sure you check out the CLUB PAGE to get involved in Travel volleyball – it is the best way to improve your game in the off-season.  There are great clubs all over the State, be sure to attend several Informational Meetings to figure out which club fits your interests.