Middle School Camps

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Camp Name Dates Times Gym Cost
Beach Camp (1) June 1-2 9am-Noon oneC1TY courts $50
MS Hitter Specialty June 8-10 8am-11am Ethos Training Facility $100
Passing & Serving June 11-12 8am-11am Ethos Training Facility $60
All Skills Camp                June 18-20 8am-11am Ethos Training Facility $90
Beach Camp (2) June 25-26 9am-noon oneC1TY courts $50
Setter Specialty July 12, 19, 26 6-9pm Ethos Training Facility $90
All Skills Camp    July 13-15 6pm-9pm Ethos Training Facility $90


Beach Camp –     June 1-2    or    June 25-26  

The TVA Beach Camp is a sand volleyball camp designed to teach the fundamental skills of 2-on-2 volleyball in the sand.  This 3-day camp will teach all the skills of volleyball along with giving the campers thousands of repetitions in proper form & some much needed competition time.  Sign up as a pair, or individually.  Bring some sunscreen, sunglasses and lots of water – this will be a blast!

Hitter Specialty  –    June 8-10              (feat. the Acuspike Team Trainer)

This camp is one of the most successful specialty camps that TVA has ever offered.  This week long 15hr camp will cover every aspect of hitting from footwork to armswings, hitting shots to learning defensive tendencies and EVERYTHING in between.  By the end of the week, campers will have the skills and knowledge to become the best hitters in the State.  This camp is definitely not for beginners – rather it is designed for Varsity level players who want to truly understand what it means to be an Elite level attacker.  Space is limited to 30 so sign up early.

Passing & Serving-    June 11-12    

This 2-day Passing & Serving camp is to help MS players master the two most fundamental parts of the game – passing & serving.  While the other skills of the game might get more attention, typically the best serving & passing teams win the matches.  Campers will work on footwork, perfecting passing platforms, making great hand contact on serving and knowing more than 1 type of serve.

All-Skills Camp –    June 18-20    OR     July 13-15            (feat. the Acuspike Team Trainer) 

This is the longest running camp at TVA for a reason – it works!  Campers will learn the 5 major skills of the game (passing, setting, serving, hitting, blocking) and will get thousands of repetitions doing each.  Campers will also learn how to play the game with passion and have some fun along the way.

Setter Specialty -    July 12, 19, 26            

The Setter Specialty Camp is a camp designed as an intensive training opportunity for intermediate to advanced level volleyball players looking to improve their setting skills.  The camp will be high repetition setter training on hand position & release, footwork, jump setting and offensive systems. In addition to court time, campers will also study the art of setting from an academic standpoint including: set calling, in-game changes, leadership characteristics and more.