Middle School Camps

2013 Middle School Camps                                                         Register for Camps Here

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Camp Name Dates Times Gym Cost
Beach Camp (1) May 29-31 9am-Noon Multiple Courts $100
Hitting, Serving, Defense June 3-5 9am-Noon Overton HS $100
All Skills June 10-12 1-4pm Overton HS $100
Passing, Serving, Hitting July 11-12 1-4pm NSA $75
Beach Camp (2)                July 17-19 9am-Noon CANCELED CANCELED
Setter/Hitter Specialty July 18-19 All day CANCELED CANCELED


Beach Camp –  May 29-31   or   July 17-19

The TVA Beach Camp is a sand volleyball camp designed to teach the fundamental skills of 2-on-2 volleyball in the sand.  This 3-day camp will teach all the skills of volleyball along with giving the campers thousands of repetitions in proper form & some much needed competition time.  Sign up as a pair, or individually.  Bring some sunscreen, sunglasses and lots of water – this will be a blast!

Hitting, Serving, Defense - June 3-5                (feat. the Acuspike Team Trainer)

The Hitting, Serving, Defense camp is an intensive week designed for middle school aged players looking to improve their arm-swings, serving & defensive abilities.  The camp will be high repetition training on hand contact, arm-swings, footwork, shot placement, serving (both float & jump serving) and a variety of defensive techniques.  Space is limited to 30.  This camp will feature the Acuspike machine (acuspike.com) to help teach correct hitting form & jumping ability – you will not want to miss it!

All Skills Camp - June 10-12

The All-Skills Camp will teach players all aspects of the game:  passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking.  This middle school camp will focus on all aspects of the game with special emphasis on skill development and proper fundamentals.  This camp has a great balance between repetitions and proper fundamentals.  Check out the video from a past camp to know what to expect:

Passing, Serving, Hitting - July 11-12                                                   (feat. the Acuspike Team Trainer)

The Passing, Serving, Hitting middle school camp is an 2-day camp specifically designed to teach the most fundamental skills of volleyball.  We will teach proper passing form, arm-swings, serving form & hitting footwork.  The high repetition nature of this camp combined with proper fundamental instruction makes it great for any beginner or seasoned player.  Space is limited to 30.

Setter/Hitter Specialty  - July 18-20                (feat. the Acuspike Team Trainer)

This camp is a spin-off of the highly successful Setter Specialty & Hitter Specialty camps we have offered for the High School players for the past couple summers.  This is a 2-day intensive camp on the art of setting or hitting (campers will sign up for 1 or the other).  This camp is not for beginners, but for those MS players who are serious about playing a high level of volleyball one day.  This 2-day camp will teach you everything about either Setting or Hitting and will have classroom as well as court time.  Space is limited to 30 so sign up early.